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You couldn't need e-learning if you could bring the population of the world under one roof to teach them.

But unfortunately, it cannot be true because in the real world, people have jobs to do and budgets are limited. you could not stop the time and could not collect such fantacy based resources

E-learning technologies leads you to spread the light of knowledge and skills globally in a very easy way. Our E-learning solutions create a virtual classroom for you where you can share all of your course contents. We figure out best possible solutions for your requirement and give it a shape of E learning portal. We have more than enough experience in E-learning development and all these makes us one of the best E-learning portal developer .

how we do it

In an e-learning system developed by us, the information and communication systems serve as specific media to implement the learning process.

Why Prestadeal

  • E-learning is not like a blog to spread your message, so we always try to make an application where people can understand by doing and get involved.
  • We use a flexible, personal model for learning which helps the learners to develop soft skills through the sharing of knowledge, dynamic learning content generation etc.
  • We build a perfect platform where learners can use specific tools to access, navigate and aggregate learning chunks from courses, web sites, internal databases or repositories.
  • Our e-learning apps are flexible enough to support multiple user registration capability and accommodate flexible learning schedules.
  • We build powerful assessment tools to facilitate user with an easy to manage interface.
  • We facilitate you with customized course creation tools with extensive file, audio and video capability.
  • We understand that we are giving services to comparatively much more analytic and survey based industry. So, we always try to be efficient with the database management systems.
  • Our applications adaptability to the web is just excellent, which gives you a platform to spread the light of education without any complexity.
  • We provide you a highest degree of interaction where you can make students working with you just like in a classroom course.
  • We use some efficient course management systems like Moodle which is also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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